Dave King

Born: Dublin; Irland
Birthday: 11. Dezember 1961
married with Bridget
1 Son

In the course of history millions of the Irish have emigrated to America. Dave King is one of these; 1989 he left Europe and his family behind on the emerald island and relocated to Los Angeles.
“I fled, I was tired of everything”, he said in an APA interview. But with his band Flogging Molly King has returned to his roots: “ Its the band of a man who has rediscovered his love for his country.”
Dave king grew up in Dublin in an area known as “Beggars Bush.” These were originally army barracks that were converted into flats. Although the family was relatively poor, they had a piano, and every weekend the family gathered together to make music. In this way, Dave developed a love for Irish music.
Dave first played in some Heavy Metal Bands. Still in Europe he recorded 6 Albums with his first band Fastway (that was the band in which Eddie Clark (who later moved on to Motorhead) played, and also the band that Pete Way of UFO played in). Later, in the USA, he also recorded an album with the experimental rock band Katmandu before he returned to his musical roots in 1997 and founded Flogging Molly.
When Dave left Dublin he probably wasn’t aware of the fact that he wouldn’t see his home for many years. He travelled to the USA on an artist’s visa; his lawyer at the time told him it wasn’t so important to renew the visa because as an artist, he wasn’t taking a job away from anyone. Unfortunately the lawyer Dave consulted wasn’t really an expert in his field and when Dave decided to stay in the USA longer and tried to apply for a Green Card, he found out that he’d been living illegally in the USA for quite a while. Even a short trip out of the country would have meant that he wouldn’t have been able to return for ten years.
As Flogging Molly became more famous and embarked on more ambitious tours this became a real problem. This meant that he couldn’t join other bands on the Warped tour when they crossed the border into Canada. This also explains why Dave couldn’t visit his mother for eight years (his father had died when he was still a child). When it was finally possible to visit her in 2002, he turned up on her doorstep, but because of a stroke and the amount of time that had elapsed since she had last seen him, she didn’t immediately recognise him. This was painful for him: “The son never shines…” he explains on the album “Drunken Lullabies.”
2007 Dave and Bridget moved to Ireland where they are spending their time off betwenn the tours. Also their last studio album “Float” was recorded there.


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