Flogging Molly was founded 1997 in the pub Molly Malone’s in Los Angeles.
Already after you have heard the first tones of any Flogging Molly song you can hardly believe that between Dublin, Ireland and L.A. lies the long distance of 8315 kilometers. You feel instantly transported to the emerald island and to hear the legitimate offsprings of the Pogues. Though the word “offsprings” fits only in that sense that children in general are always wilder than their parents.. Where the Pogues were more traditonal and tame Flogging Molly goes wild.
In any case traditional is Flogging Mollys almost classic Irish line-up: accordion, fiddle, tin-whistle and mandolin. Their sound ist unique and hard to classify but most of all wild and furious. The seven musicians mix traditional Irish influences, melancholic songs and punk to an unique sound.

The lead-singer of the band, Dave King, probably found the best explaination:”if you take away the guitars and drum this would be a nice little Irish folk band … take

away the fiddle, mandoline, and accordian and Flogging Molly would be one hardcore punk band”
The very best will be if each of you makes up his own mind.So listen to their CDs and most important: don’t miss any concert that takes place nearby, otherwise you will miss an unique experience..


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