FloggingMollyDE celebrates its 10th anniversary – Give away

Yay, FloggingMolly DE is online now for exactly 10 years. As promised, due to this fact, there’s a big give away with notable prizes.

Here’s a list of things you can win:

  • 1 signed Cap from Nathen Maxwell, which he wore during the European Tour 2011
  • 3 green vinyl Singles, a limited edition of 500 of „The Kilbourne High Road“ signed by the band
  • 1 green vinyl  album, Swagger (limited edition)
  • 1 picture disc, Drunken Luallabies (limited edition)
  • 1 picture disc, Within a Mile of Home (limited edition)
  • There are also loads of stickers, posters, patches and guitar picks


To get one of those prizes, please send an Email to info@floggingmolly.de with the topic “10 years” and the story of how you came across Flogging Molly. That might be one sentence, but can also be much more. I’d like to publish the most beautiful stories (of course only if the author agrees) at FloggingMollyDE

Closing Date for entries is the 31. Oktober 2013

And now go! I’m looking forward to your emails!

One comment on “FloggingMollyDE celebrates its 10th anniversary – Give away
  1. dan keough says:

    my kids buds turned me on to your music since I am of Irish heritage -I am 68 soon to be 69 and I have been captured and uplifted by the words in the stories you tell in your music -keep up the great work love dan k

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